My Live Chat experience is as small as 138 days. These are worth writing though, because the fact is, the experience is as fantastic as the the film “The Matrix”. The live chat happens instantly and it doesn’t matter from which nationality or time zone the guest comes.


Universal conversations!

We have helped a lot of new users on the Blab platform together with Stan Bush and The Circadians Community members. We are giving free presentations, free guides and shared knowledge during our daily broadcasting. The new visitors who watch our program can test the environment, be navigated and feel comfortable for organising and starting their own event.  

Following to my personal experience while hosting four Blabs, one of them is The First Blab in Bulgarian language and to the collaboration work with The Circadians, I can recommend these 10 hints on the process of Live Streaming conversations:

  • The performance has a completed vision and effect when the team mates from different gender take the seats, vise versa to just female/male presence.

  • Take care about your personal style

  • Announce the time for questions

  • Avoid telling stories while presenting

  • Give advice and instructions to the visitors by sharing a free PDF

  • Introduce your team mates and ask visitors to follow them

  • Use a different chat to send a private message, incase you see something wrong. Don’t shout it out on comments.

  • Avoid long technical explanations to beginners

  • Have a volunteer team mate to be present and writing on comments

  • Give  prompt information

  • The volunteer team mate should leave last, since there might be a question to answer even a while after the show is closed.

Technology is provoking cross - disciplinary merging of professional skills. Public Relation Managers are now responsible for social media and Social Media Managers are expected to have successful presence on live streaming events.   

And what about small businesses and professionals? On top of their overloaded daily schedule, small business entrepreneurs, architects, writers and artists  learn how to have a conversation online. The most interesting performances on social media are still ahead!  

If you are interested in Live Chat, join this special hosting program:  

This fast changing environment is requiring not just one skill, but a combination of technical, technology and business experience, yet formated as an entertaining performance.

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