How To Use Blab
How Would You Like To Get Some Experience As A Blab Host?

Then this might be just the ticket for you. Tom Mobley and Ron Snayberger have collaborated on the presentation of The Circadians "How to use Blab". Here’s how it works. After the technical and basic instructions of Blab are explained, the attendees are given the opportunity to join the seat and introduce in brief who they are and what they do. Meeting the person during a live stream broadcast is giving a lot better than just visiting their site. It is one of the advantages of using the a live streaming platform. 
Beginning in February, The Circadians are motivated to collaborate with like minded people. As Ron said, “There is time, skills and energy involved behind our way of presenting. We haven’t missed even one show since we began this method of setup. The Circadians do daily work sessions on hangouts to increase our working knowledge. This collaborative work environment is invaluable. It creates an easier path to productivity and enhanced skills while operating online.
We are excited to continue our How to Host Blab, How To Ember Blab, How To Brand Blab series this week. Stay tuned for the shared experience of our hosts and guests.
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