Knowing How To Host A Live Streaming Event
Livestream broadcasting might get tricky for the Host in terms of knowing the technology. The self confidence and emotions are easily picked up by the audience. That means if the host is not feeling comfortable with the settings and operation during the broadcast, the guests get distracted, may not pay attention and everybody loses their time. It’s easy to avoid this, especially with a team.That’s what the Circadians CoHost program is all about. You can register and take part in the series of events.There are many events already scheduled in February. Take advantage of this free program by registering here: During our live events, there is always great value derived along the questions and answers portion.
Today’s takeaway from Stan Bush is about making a pause during your broadcast. He and Tony Mobley collaborated on the presentation of The Circadians "How to host a Blab". The conversations streamed with ease, as more members from the team supported the comments, demonstrated additional functions and greeted the guests. The new attendees tested a few of the options the host has that aren’t available to viewers.
Blab platform is connecting professionals beyond borders. The Circadians did some very successful events with Dr. +Alex Simidchiev Simidchiev from Toronto. In addition Nina Trankova has hosted a blab in Bulgarian language. As she says” Knowing how to use any livestreaming platform is like recognising your space. Hosting is a way to start a meaningful conversation and create a welcome atmosphere of shared learning experience”. 
The collaborative energy is spreading internationally and The Circadians are welcoming their guest from Europe tomorrow. We are excited to continue our How To Embed Blab, How To Brand Blab series this week. Stay tuned for the shared experience of our hosts and guests.
Event organisers, February 2nd 2016 +The Circadians +Stan Bush +Michele De Socio +Ron Snayberger +Tony Mobley +Nina Trankova
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