How To Embed A Blab
The Circadian Blab series is turning into a magic meetup. Talented IT people are converging there to serve the needs of the users. And the users are shaping the functionality of the events. It’s in everyone’s best interests to follow this. One of the benefits of these events is their scalability and ease of use. Both before and after the event, you can play with the embed code to match your digital marketing, podcast and other digital assets. When you are not tech savvy or have just a little bit of knowledge, it’s great to be able to follow easy instructions when implementing certain technologies. Knowing when to delegate to your developer is important. It’s easy to avoid mistakes when you have the support of a team. Getting input from other IT Professionals help understand technology. The Circadians Co Host program shined in this aspect as an International Conference today. The broadcast started with a short introduction about the platform and the The Circadians. Being on the team, you should expect surprises.Ron was completely comfortable when asked to complete the introductions. He did an outstanding presentation, with a good sense of humor.

There is a lot more behind the embedding than meets the eye. Today’s co-host of “How To Embed A Blab” Nazim Beltran presented an extraordinary piece of knowledge. Nazim’s background is web design. He also taught web design for over 10 years. So he knows the value of patience. He went through each step, giving precise examples and comprehensive content. . There were many questions from the audience. Several people were invited to join and discuss the complexity of embedding. The discussion turned to managing the process on different web platforms. It was very informative. This event could have gone on for hours. The Circadians delivered on the promise to keep it as short as possible though. You’ll see this on the reply.

Today’s takeaway from Nazim is about embedding a live stream video on your blog.

You can follow Nazim's brand here:

Blab is proving to be a natural and easy platforms for professionals. It bridges diversity both internationally and industries. From jokes to valuable advice, it’s worth adding The Circadian events to your calendar. You can register and take part in the series of events in February. There are many events already scheduled, but you can give it a try here:
We are going to see the beauty behind strong branding presence tomorrow, Nikki Purvy is our guest host for “How To Brand Blab”. Stay tuned for the shared experience of our hosts and guests.
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Our guest: +Nazim Beltran
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