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New Google Calendar Changes On Learn Blab

First of all, it's not possible to include an image in a Google Calendar. Everybody knows that. Except me, Stan Bush, maybe. I always think it can be done. You just have to want it bad enough. Every forum, support group, and web page I went to said "you can't put an image in a Google Calendar in a way that it displays publicly." And yet... here it is. 

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Blab Live Streaming Improves Twitter Notification

Blab Tutorials - Tell A Little Bird
If you've been on Blab for any length of time, you know it's in Beta. And that means sometimes things work. And sometimes they don't. It's just the way it is. It's not really a problem, in and of itself. But it makes it difficult sometimes to tell if something is a feature or a bug. For example, the fifth person in some Blab's was/is a bug. Taking away the question column was a feature. Go figure. It has the makings a a great 'Opposite Day' story. But I digress.

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