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About The Co Host Program

Our co-hosting program puts you in the seats with us. Actually, it opens the seats up completely. We are actively seeking individuals to hosts our morning shows. This means you don't even have to figure out what your show is about. You can just use ours. Pick the frequency, and we will get you in the seats! 
The co-hosting program was created using our Weekly Blab Series. There are five modules. They are
  • How To Use Blab - Learn all the basics on how to be a power user on Blab. 
  • How To Host A Blab - Learn the technique that we've used to create over 100 Blabs, and that has never failed us.
  • How To Embed Your Blab - on your Facebook page, your website, and many other websites. 
  • How To Brand Your Blab - create the images in the right sizes to give it the most impact. 
  • How To Create A Blab Series - a five day course, just like this one. We'll help you create it and promote it. 
Requirements are, you must pass the basic test to demonstrate competency for each module. You can only host those modules that you have passed.

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